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Finding the perfect shade of Lipstick can change a girl's whole perspective on her look. I love a good creamy bold Red Lip, after years of searching for that perfect Vintage Shade of Red I finally found a Brand that has exactly what I want. As a Professional Make Up Artist I never really believed that only certain shades are meant for specific skin types. I believe that if you want to rock that Blue Toned Red Lip DO IT! As long as you love the way you look in it than that is all that matters. 

Being a part of a Vintage Inspired Community helped me find the perfect Shade of Red Lipstick. Not only did I find my Signature Color but, I fell in love with several other shades as well. This Company is Family Owned & is One of a Kind. Besame Cosmetics was founded by Gabriela Hernandez she created a Brand completely inspired by the Classic Luxury Cosmetics of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, & 50's. A Brand that truly makes women feel empowered through their own beauty, I know when I dab my Lip Brush into my 1946 Red Velvet Lipstick I feel Confident & Elegant, just as my ancestors did in that era. 

My Signature Besame Lipstick shade is inspired by the era 1946, it's a beautiful deeper red that is perfect for everyday wear. Wether you are grocery shopping in your foam rollers or heading to an elegant extravaganza. The texture is rich & creamy, semi - matte finish & goes on smooth with a one coat application. Oh & the best part of the formula is you hardly need to touch up! The formula is enriched with Aloe, Vitamin C, & Squalene. 

My go to Mascara is their 1930's Black Mascara it's a deep but natural black that coat's all my lashes evenly & perfectly! The Creamy texture is wonderful it doesn't clump my lashes which makes it a gal's best friend. The formula is water resistant, & contains natural conditioning oils. 

I wear two types of Powders for my Porcelain Sheen Complexion, I use their Beautiful Rose Gold Vintage Antique Inspired Cashmere Compact in shade Porcelain. Oh my it feels like a dream when applied, in photo's it's so beautiful & smooth. The texture is like satin in my opinion, its matte so no shiny spots yay! The formula is enriched with Vitamin C & formulated with Natural Zinc & Titanium Dioxide to help fight against UV Rays. 

My second Powder I always use on my Highlighted areas such as my Chin, Temples, & Under Eyes. I use Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder, which is a Mineralize Powder that comes with an adorable powder puff for easy application. It has a Yellow Tint to help tone down any Redness in the skin, Brighten's up your foundation a bit, & has a lovely subtle Vanilla scent. 

Products Used above are 
Red Velvet Lipstick by Besame Cosmetics 
Vanilla Brightening Powder by Besame Cosmetics 
Porcelain Cashmere Face Powder by Besame Cosmetics
1930's Mascara by Besame Cosmetics

To Get My Signature Look, Shop Besame Cosmetics by Clicking this Banner Below! 

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