Vintage Gal, Vintage Train Station

12:02 PM

Shooting on Location can be a little difficult finding the right lighting, avoiding cars & paparazzi hehe I am kidding but you do get the occasional photo bombers. During my photo shoot for Doll Me Up, we found this beautiful vintage Train Station. The architecture was a beauty, this location is probably known to many local photographers since its considered a hot spot in Redlands, CA. 

I usually do my own Hair & Make Up for photoshoots, I don't consider myself a Master Hair Stylist considering its the one thing I struggle with the most haha! However practice makes perfect & I am a sucker for Vintage Hair Tutorials, so I found this adorable Vintage Inspired Up Do & put my rat tail comb & bobby pins to use. I rolled my hair into Three Victory Rolls, & the rest of my hair I rolled up using a tube like hair rat. *The Spongey Hair Pieces to make buns* 
Of course since my hair is Jet Black you can never see the details as clear, & during this time I had grown out Bettie Bangs so baby flyaway hairs everywhere! 

It was a decent try, but I think I can Nail it next time!

Lady Lovely Ivory Dress : DollMeUp INC
Lace Ruffle Bolero : DollMeUp INC
Domina Shiny Mules : PinUpGirlClothing 

- MissVintageLady, x

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