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Old Hollywood was more than just captivating glamour it was a way of life. If I had a time machine that would be the first place I would go. Visiting glamorous Art Deco buildings are always breath taking, they are filled with carefully crafted detail. As I walked down the Merlot stained carpet at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, wearing a Timeless Emerald & Palm Sleeveless Nicole dress in a classic shade of White, I felt the feeling of pure elegance. 

I love the Timeless Beauty that each design has, I always feel like a Starlet in my Emerald & Palm pieces. Feeling confident in whatever you are wearing is so important & when I slip into an Emerald & Palm design I alway’s feel Confident & Empowered. The Nicole Sleeveless Dress is such a captivating piece that even against this beautiful marble carved fountain it steal's the show. I paired the Nicole Dress with a Honey Blonde Faux Fur Stole also available at Emerald & Palm.

I always wear Red Lipstick, a Blue based Bright Red is my signature color it compliments every Starlet's Pout. I am always mesmerized by Vintage or Modern Vintage Lipstick cases. I have a collection of Vintage Lipstick tubes that I put on display on my Vanity. The Gold casing of this Dior Tube reminds me of the Gold accents in the Biltmore Hotel, this Historic building was built in 1923. It's beloved details & Art Deco interior design has been the backdrop to Films & TV shows showcasing that Old Hollywood is still loved & admired. 

Cliftons in Downtown Los Angeles 
As Audrey Hepburn once quoted "Elegance is the Only Beauty that Never Fades."
 If there is one thing I learned it's to Love Yourself because Once you do that You can Conquer anything. Emerald & Palm designs are perfect for any style that you identify yourself with wether your a Glamour Girl living in a Vintage World or a Modern Women inspired by the elegance of Old Hollywood Garments. The fit is designed based on Real Women's Sizes & Body Types making sure each women feel's confident & elegant when wearing an Emerald & Palm Design. 

Nicole Sleeveless in Noir 

Wardrobe Provided by Emerald & Palm 
Available at emeraldandpalm.com

x, MissVintageLady

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  1. You are divine...just simply divine...as are the designs.


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