a Gunmetal Grey Starlet

Being a Starlet is truly a Glamorous Way of Life

Old Hollywood Glamour is what I enjoy & is what I aspire to deliver every time I step in front of a camera.
Starlets of the 20's-50's are my everyday inspiration wether they were blonde, brunette, or a red head they were always so glamorous & great at getting my attention when they would walk into a room. One of my Dreams recently came true, my dream was to be a Starlet in an Old Hollywood setting now of course that meant I needed a beautiful dressing gown, bedroom eyes, & gorgeous locks that Rita Hayworth would be proud of. 

Poise, Elegance, & Confidence is they Key to being a Starlet, as I would watch Film Noir films or Technicolor Films I would watch their movements, they would lay their hands down so delicately as if they were made of glass. The way they would would work room they did it with Grace yet enough Sex Appeal to make a man catch a glimpse of them with the corner of his eye. 

This Mirror is a Real Vintage 24Karat Gold Filigree Hand Held Mirror from a Sam Fink Collection its one of my favorite Vintage treasures. I wanted it to be photographed with me because it's very dear to me, my fiancĂ© bought the Vintage Sam Fink set for my dressing table, he told me that every Starlet deserved a beautiful Vanity Set. Of course I was over the Moon when I received it, I always loved glancing at images of women getting all painted for the evening or the day sitting at their vanity's brushing their locks 100 times, its inspiring. 

As a Woman who loves everything Vintage & Gold Plated, it was necessary that I wore my favorite Vintage Inspired Shade of Red Lipstick. Victory Red the shade of 1941 which was the year Women in the American Military Forces commissioned the First "Victory Red" Lipstick to women in Uniform. This Iconic shade is a stand out beauty, a classic shade of red lipstick can make a woman feel empowered & oh so glamorous. 

The Vivian Dressing Gown created by Vintage Inspired Designer Allison of Emerald & Palm the Golden Age of Hollywood is truly seen through out her designs & this Dressing Gown is just one of the many stand out pieces from her Collection. The Vivian Gown is Dramatic, Beautiful & Effortlessly Captivating in every inch of Silk that drapes around you. The Gunmetal Grey is my favorite shade that it comes in, its Simply Divine & truly gives that Old Hollywood feel & look. 
The Garment is made from 100% Silk, it has a tailored bodice, & shoulder pads that brings authenticity to the design.
 It is also Available in Champagne Gold & Emerald Green 

Vivian Gown - Emerald & Palm
Lucite Jacqueline Springolators - Vintage
Gold Filigree Hand Mirror - Vintage Sam Fink
Faux Fur Stole - Unknown Brand

Hair by Technicolorcutie

Make Up & Styling by yours Truly 

x, MissVintageLady

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Vixen Style

I am so excited to be writing this blog post today! I received my Pre Order Vixen T Shirts designed by the talented Micheline Pitt. Micheline recently started her own brand & I am so excited to see what's to come. I personally am not one to buy Prints or Phrases on my clothes but as soon as I saw the Sketches for these two I couldn't resist. 

Let's talk about how adorable they are!! 
Vixen by Micheline Pitt is inspired by her own personal style & let's be real she has the most amazing style & she is a total babe. 
These T Shirts are made from 100% Cotton with a lovely Scoop Neck it's the perfect Baby Doll Style T! The style of this T shirt makes it easy to tuck in your High Waisted Shorts, Trousers, or Skirts without any bulging. The price of these Vixen T Shirts are a steal they are $28 each, & they have a wide rang of sizes available for the Vixen in you!
The Saturation on the Vixens is gorgeous its very bold & defiantly makes a statement. I love that the Pink Shade is true to color, & that the White is what you expect from a White T. 

Vixen by Micheline Pitt

The Phrase "My Hair is Full of Secrets" is inspired from Micheline Pitt's own Moto. When people ask her about her hair she say's "its full of secrets" because it really is. I need to know a few of her Hair Secrets because she always has such beautiful locks, talk about a gorgeous mane!

The Phrase "Not Today Satan" comes from a Southern Phrase, I love this phrase because I can totally relate to it, when your just not having it sometimes you just have to say "Not Today Satan" but now you can just wear it! 

I paired these two Vixen T's with a pair of High Waisted Shorts & Classic 6inch Mules! Showing my legs off like the women in the 50's did. As you can see the fit of this Baby Doll shirt tucks nicely into my high waisted shorts with out the bulging, but you can also wear this top over a nice pair of jeans for that casual mega babe look. *not shown*

I look forward to pre ordering some more goodies from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, be sure to follow her Etsy & Instagram for up coming Pre Orders & Designs! 
You won't regret it! 

Vixen T's : Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Domina Mules : PinUpGirl
Cat Eye Frames : PinUpBootique 

x, MissVintageLady

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