Besame Cosmetics Grand Opening!

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Besame Cosmetics Grand Opening! 

Vintage Cosmetics 
 I was extremely excited to be invited to Besame Cosmetics Grand Opening, their event had beautiful jazz ladies singing live & you could enjoy some refreshments as you listened to their voices harmonizing. 
The event was open to the Public, they had adorable little Gold Goodie Bags at the front door, treating everyone to adorable little gifts to try at home. I was able to meet the Founder of Besame Cosmetics Gabriela Hernandez, her love for Vintage is so inspiring, & you can see her love for its History & Art by taking a look at her Products & her Boutique. 
Being able to meet & talk to her was truly a wonderful experience that I will not forget. 
Exploring the Scents that were formulated to match what Fragrances Ladies wore through the eras. 
Decades of Fragrances is a collection that has so many scents to offer, for the gals who love a powdery scent, floral scent, spicy scent, or simply a classic soft woody scent. When sampling the scents of each decade it really gave me an idea of type of what scents my favorite Hollywood Starlets were wearing, & I got to see what scent fit me the most!
1920's & 1950's were the two scents I enjoyed the most!
Gabriela's love & fascination of Vintage Art, History, & Beauty is show cased in each product. When looking at Besame Products you get an idea of what cosmetic companies used to use & how their products were beautifully cased in their compacts. When I pick up a new tube of Besame Lipsticks in it's glamorous gold handcrafted case I feel like a Glamour Girl, it gives me confidence. I love when cosmetics are in beautiful containers it makes me want to take good care of it, & show it to everyone because its unique & elegant. 

Each Formula & Colour is created to resemble what Women wore in the 20's - 70's, their lipstick shades are true replicas of what Women wore. Red Hot Red is a Replica Lipstick Shade that Marilyn Monroe loved, it's tones is a bold brazen warm red that was inspired by the era 1959. Another beautiful shade that Gabriella made to support our Troops, & Ladies of Uniform is known as "Victory Red" inspired by 1941 during the War, the American Military Forces commissioned the first "Red" lipstick to Women in Uniform. The Red lipstick matched the Red Braid Trim detail on their Cap. 
Victory Red is a beautiful match to the Original 1941 Red Lipstick!
 Close Up of their Delicate Rouge Collection, beautiful soft velvety shades for your cheeks!
As well as Boudoir Inspired Brushes for your Face & Cheeks a personal favorite of mine is 
the long haired bristle brush!
It was so wonderful spending the evening with everyone, & getting to meet everyone. 
I love gatherings like this you get to chat & have a great time with such wonderful friends. 
In Order Angelique, Me, & Jenny!
*Click Their Names for their Instagrams*

Vintage Fashion Magazines, show casing such fabulous garments.
Some of the Productions that you may have seen using Besame Cosmetics.
a Few Goodies I picked up from my Visit at the Grand Opening!

Cake Mascara, if you read my blog posts a lot than you know I love this mascara. 
You activate it with a bit of water & you can use it as eyeliner, mascara, or on your brows if your hair 
is noir like mine! One of my favorite multi-use products as a Professional Make Up Artist, I love that it doesn't clump the lashes or your brow hairs!
The SweetHeart Glaze Lip Glosses in Caramel it smells like 
Caramel & Vanilla
I am normally not a Lip Gloss girl since I don't like the sticky feel of some glosses, however when trying this on my lips it wasn't that tacky sticky usual feeling you get from a gloss, & it wasn't sheer! It has a beautiful color pay off, & glides smoothly on your lips. Its a beautiful nude shade that doesn't wash out my fair complexion. 

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at the new Besame Boutique Los Angeles Location!
Stop by your nearest Besame Boutique, they have such beautiful products that make you feel 
like a empowered old Hollywood Starlet.

I wore my Favorite Besame Lipstick shade Besame Red
 inspired by the Blue Toned 1920's Red!

Gabriela is also an Author of a Classic Beauty book, if you are interested in learning the History & Art of Vintage Beauty & Make Up, make sure to pick up a copy online or at your Local Besame Boutique. 

x, MissVintageLady

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  1. I can hardly contain myself knowing I get to visit the Burbank store next weekend.


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