Hue's of Green!

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 Today I had the pleasure of reviewing one of the beautiful Peasant Tops from the DollMeUpInc I was really excited to get my hands on this beautiful shade of Lime Green. DollMeUp offers a wide range of colors in these amazing Peasant Tops, they are extremely cost friendly which is awesome & to make things better they are available in a variety of sizes. 
 I adore my Cherry Swing Skirt but I wanted a pop of color instead of wearing Red or Black tops like I usually do, so I went on the DollMeUp site & saw this beautiful POP of color it just so happens to match the darling leaves on my Cherry Skirt. The Lime Green is true to it's name it has that slime green or classic monster green hue that I absolutely adore!
 The Peasant Top fit's like a dream! I am wearing a Size Small & it's very form fitting to my shape but not to snug which I really like. The Gathered Bust area is very nice & flattering, I love that it has some wiggle room for a variety of different bust sizes. I sometimes struggle with finding tops that fit my bust size, my cup size is large but the band around my bust is small, so having that gathered fabric really is amazing. I love that this Peasant Top allows you to just slip it on, versus having a zipper or any other type of closure, the back is also long enough to tuck into your skirts or high waisted trousers without any bulging in the back. The gathering around the armpit is very comfortable & not tight around the arms which is a dream for us gals. 
 As shown above you can wear this style with your sleeves up or off the shoulder, I personally like to wear a bra with straps with this style of top just because I really like the support. If I want to wear the top off the shoulders I either wear my bra straps slightly off my shoulders or I wear a strapless push up bra. As for shape wear you can wear a Strapless LongLine bra, & this will give your waist that Hour Glass look. The structure of this fabric is very soft & comfortable, I don't find the gathering in the back to be itchy or a bother. I love my Doll Me Up Peasant Top & I look forward to purchasing some more of the beautiful color ways they offer! 

To Shop My Outfit of the Day Click the Link Below!

Lime Green Peasant Top : DollMeUp
Cherry Swing Skirt : PinUpGirlClothing
Dominia Mules : Pleaser USA
1920's Besame Red Classic Rouge : Besame Cosmetics 

x, MissVintageLady

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