Riverdales Vixen

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Meet Riverdale High's Newest Vixen!
CurstieMarie a Femme Fatale who loves Pulp Art, Vintage Detective Comics, Dan DeCarlo Pin Up Illustrations, Film Noir, Technicolor Films, Chocolate Milkshakes, & Old Hollywood Glamour. She adores Archie but she definitely has heart eyes for Jughead Jones, he's mysterious, charming, sarcastic, & a bit quirky! CurstieMarie is a bit of a Betty, 1/3 Cheryl Blossom, half Katy Keen, but a whole lot of Veronica; her personal style is a mixture of a Bad Girl, Glamour Bombshell, & a Mysterious Dame, most of her style inspiration comes from Dan DeCarlo's Pin Up Illustrations. She loves her 1956 Dodge La Femme, 1941 Besame Victory Red Lipstick, Shiny Black Mules, & her trusty Bullet Bra. 
I absolutely adore the Archie Universe & I have been a die hard fan since I was child, my Grandfather used to read his Archie comics to me when I was little & ever since I've been collecting Archie Memorabilia. Betty & Veronica always stood out to me especially in the 1940s & 50s comics, I love the Art Illustrations from Bob Montana, Harry Lucey, & Dan DeCarlo. Of course when I found out that there was going to be a Clothing Line dedicated to Archie's Leading Ladies "Betty & Veronica" I had to be part of it some way! Designer Rachel Antonoff has created such a beautiful Modern Collection featuring fun & adorable Illustrations by Archie Artist Dan Parent & Script by Artist Lena Dunham. As soon as I  saw the Black Denim Jacket with all the Betty & Veronica Patches I knew it was a MUST HAVE! Rachel Antonoff did an incredible job on this Vintage Inspired Denim Jacket, it's very well made & the cute phrases on the back by Lena Dunham really bring me back to the Comic Book Strips & Archie Comics. 
Artist Dan DeCarlo, Archie Betty & Veronica 1961.
The Black Denim Jacket is a staple piece in my wardrobe, you can style it so many different ways; with High Waisted Shorts, Pencil Skirts, Swing Dresses, & even a Wiggle would be a perfect match. I wanted to give some serious Bad Girl Vixen Vibes, so I paired my B&V Denim Jacket with the Bad Girl Top from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, Vintage High Waisted Shorts, a pop of color with a Baby Pink Belt, & some Black Shiny 1950s Barbie Mules. Of course my look couldn't be completed without a touch of Red Lipstick, I am wearing 1941 Victory Red by Besame Cosmetics a replica shade that was issued in the same year 1941, that Archie Andrews had his 1st debut in Pep Comics, Issue #22 
Original Vintage Archie Illustration 

Grab yourself a Milkshake at your Local 50s Dinner, & watch the 
New Hit Tv Series Riverdale! 

x, MissVintageLady

Black Denim Jacket : Betty & Veronica 
Bad Girl Top : Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Vixen Pencil Skirt : Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Dominia Mules : Pleaser USA
Cosmetics : Besame Cosmetics 

Vintage Archie Comics

Shop The Betty & Veronica by
 Rachel Antonoff Collection

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