The Glamour Years

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The Glamour Years Aboard the RMS Queen Mary was from 1936 to 1939, this beautiful ship has so much history & charm. I was very excited to be a guest at the Queen Mary's 13th Annual Art Deco Festival, heading back in time to it's Early Years as a Luxury Ship to the Royals, Celebrities, & Upper Class. I was so honored when the Queen Mary asked me to host a Giveaway on my Instagram to win a pair of Tickets to this Classy & Jazzy Event. My husband & I stayed on board the ship for our Honeymoon in their Deluxe Suite, which was absolutely stunning. The room had its own Private Living Room, as well as Two Full Baths, & a stunning Ocean View. 
Observation Bar, Art Deco
While staying on this beautiful historic ship, I really wanted to learn about its History. We took the Glory Days Tour which was a wonderful learning experience, & if you are interested in the Ships History I highly recommend taking that tour. The Queen Mary also offers the Haunted Tour, a tour guide takes you to all the Haunted Hot Spots on the Ship where Ghosts have been said to be seen. Did you know the Ship had different levels for different classes, & even the decor for each level of the ship was different depending on the class?
I was so excited to wear this stunning Flapper Dress from the GatsbyLady London, I have been following her fabulous creations for quite some time. Her designs are so detailed & absolutely stunning, each design has its own unique details like this show stopping Lilac Beatrice Fringe Style. Just look at all those details, from the beaded fringe to the swirls, & the zigzags G O R G E O U S!
The fit is perfect I am fairly Petite & the regular length hit just passed my knees, the Lilac Slip came with the dress & was also a perfect fit with adjustable straps. GastbyLady London offers a wonderful range of sizes from Petite to Plus Size. When I first saw this dress on their website I fell in love, the Lilac color was so captivating; upon  looking at this design I started to think of the 1920s beauty make up I could do & how the Lilac Jewel Tone would look with my skin tone & raven hair. 
The Beatrice dress really helped me achieve that Iconic 1920s Flapper look, I styled this Lilac Jewel Tone hue with my Vintage Silver Art Deco earrings, Vintage Chiffon Ivory Gloves, & the matching Lulu Cap inspired by the Juliet Caps in the early 20s. I really wanted my images to look as if we went back in time to visit the Queen Mary during its Glamour Years, I styled my outfit, make up, hair, & photos to capture that look & feel. We found some stunning spots to do a mini shoot & I really love how they came out. The lighting aboard the Queen Mary was perfect very moody & dark, those shots are my favorite I love a dark moody color palette. 

1920s Bisque Cashmere Stick Foundation | 1936 Snow White Story Book Palette | 
x, MissVintageLady

Chiffon Ivory Gloves : Vintage
Art Deco Earrings : Vintage
Champagne Faux Fur Wrap : Etsy

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  1. Totally beautiful. With such a gorgeous backdrop, you look like you are in a costume drama where someone has spent a long time researching and preparing your outfit. It all suits you so well! Just lovely. Kx

  2. I swear you are Betty Boop incarnate! So stunning- both you and the background <3

    1. Awh that is too sweet! I adore Betty Boop! ☺️❣️


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