Spiderman's Girl!

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Spiderman's Girl
Today's style post is all about my favorite super hero Spiderman!!! 
I am really excited to share this super cute 50s inspired Spiderman look featuring this custom dress from Hearts & Found. Spiderman is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes, & I have been a huge fan ever since I was a little girl so I am really excited to have a custom Spidey dress! 
Hearts & Found creates custom beauties, so that you can pick the fabric & style, customized to your exact measurements. I own a few custom beauties from them that I adore, I also have a darling playsuit named after me the "Curstie Playsuit". When I saw this Spiderman fabric I knew right away I wanted to create a cute spring/summer dress that I can wear out at Disneyland, to Comic Cons, & of course to the Infinity War movie premiere! My look is inspired by 1950s teenage girl in high school wearing her boyfriends Letterman jacket of course it's Spiderman themed! 
This darling comic book pattern features some amazing illustrations of Spiderman & his friends including a fun little scene featuring the Green Goblin. I love that the Gilda dress has pockets, so I can store my phone, lipstick, & essentials without having to carry a purse with me everywhere. Aside from the cute comic strip print the Gilda dress has adorable tie straps that you can tie in a knot for darling 50s look.
x, MissVintageLady 

Custom Gilda Dress  : Hearts & Found

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