Harvey's Toy Story In-Store Launch

Harvey's X Disney's Pixar Toy Story 
In-Store Launch

I am so excited to announce that Harvey's teamed up with Disney's Pixar to create an out of this world Toy Story collection featuring some of our favorite pals Woody, Buzz Lightyear, & the Little Green Men also known as the Aliens. I had the opportunity to visit the Harvey's store to get an exclusive sneak peek at the collection before they opened their doors to the public. The collection will be available Online Monday, March 18th at 8am PST, I highly recommend that you create an account early before 8am & save your payment/shipping information for a quick & easy check out process. This collection feature's four green alien print bags, three character style bags, a dust bag, & some adorable accessories to match. All of the bags in this collection feature Unique Charms & a special Harvey's X Disney Pixar Toy Story hang tag. 
Buzz Lightyear Streamline Backpack 
This is one of my favorite designs from the collection it has so many cute buzz details that any fan would truly appreciate. I love the straps on this backpack, the team created a brand new red & white caution tape print to resemble his wings. I love that they stayed true to his iconic color palette using their fabrics in Apple, Sterling, Vanilla, Black, & Iris. The backpack also features a carry on handle, adjustable shoulder straps, two buttons inspired by his control buttons, & his iconic Space Rangers emblem. This out of this world backpack comes with a LIGHTYEAR charm, Buzz in his Toy Packaging Ship, & a zipper pull featuring a little green alien being captured by the CLAW!!!
Let's move on to the inside details, when you zip open the bag you will find an iconic print everyone know's & loves, the lining features the clouds from Andy's Room isn't that adorable?! There are decent sized pockets, & the bag its self is on the larger side, so you definitely have room to store a wallet, snacks, charger, & even a folded sweater. 
One of my favorite details is that they embroidered Andy on the bottom of the bag, can this collection get any cuter?!
 Alien Large Fold Over 
Character Bag
I don't know about you but, the Little Green Men aka the Aliens are my favorite characters from Toy Story I think they are so adorable, when I first saw this bag I knew it was the one I wanted. The large fold over bag features an adjustable cross body strap that can be adjusted for the perfect fit, you can also adjust the straps to wear it over the shoulder, you can tuck the  straps in to turn it into a clutch, or you can adjust it smaller to create a large fanny pack. 
Here is a little fun fact thanks to Dana, did you know this style was also inspired by the carry on purses in the 1950s? They used Apple, Iris, Indigo, & Sapphire to create the little Alien silhouette. Some of the features are the embroidered eyes, the cloud lining, & the adorable Pizza Planet Patch on the front. As I mentioned above all of the bags come with their own Unique Charms like this super cute little Rocket Ship, which can be found on all the Alien print bags.
Image Source @ShopHarveys
The Four Alien Print Bags
The Wanderer Tote, The Mini Messenger, 
Green Alien BillFold Wallet, & The Classic Wallet
Yep that is right the Little Green Men come in four different styles, looks like I am not the only one who adores these little guys. Lets start with the Wanderer Tote - this bag is the largest bag in the collection, it is thee perfect travel bag for over night stays on a fun weekend get away, trips to the Disney Parks, or if you are a new mom it doubles as a diaper bag. 
The Mini Messenger - comes in the classic woven print featuring the little green aliens. This bag comes with an adjustable strap, the zipper pull featuring a little alien getting picked up by the CLAW, the rocket ship charm, & the Harvey's X Disney Pixar Toy Story hang tag. This is a great everyday bag that can fit all your must haves when you are out & about. Of course you need a wallet to go along with these super cute bags. They created two wallets in two different styles the BillFold Wallet for a smaller option or the Classic Wallet for when you need extra room for cash, coins, & annual passes. 
 Large CRT Sheriff Woody Bag
The one we have all been waiting for the large CRT woody bag inspired by a character we all adore Sheriff Woody. I would say out of all the bags in this collection this one has the most details, you can really see how much thought & care they put into making this one stand out. They created three new prints to resemble Woody's cowboy outfit, they created a Yellow Plaid for his shirt, a special edition cow print, & a special denim to capture the essence of our pal Woody. Some of the amazing details include the copper handles, the scarlet top to accent the cow print, Woody's belt buckle & the pearl buttons. What makes this bag really special to me is that it also features Woody's Sheriff Charm, his Pull String on the back, & of course Andy Embroidered on the bottom. This bag is complete with the cloud lining, alien claw zipper pull, & lots of pockets including a zipper pouch pocket on the inside.
Accessories, of course what toy is complete without accessories? 
I love enamel pins I collect them & I even have themed jackets to pair with them....Yes I am serious themed jackets. There are four Toy Story themed pins inspired by some of the cutest & funniest moments from the film. I love that the Mega Gulp Woody pin & Super Nova Burger Buzz pin have legs that dangle, it is such a cute idea to make them interactive. The Play Nice Blocks is a cute nod to woody when he say's "so play nice" to Sid in the film. The next pin features an obscure character from Toy Story Mr. Spell an adorable computer - keyboard toy that looks like it's from the 70s, featuring a text that say's "You're Welcome." The last accessory is a really cute keychain featuring the Alien print, you can hang your keys on it, or pair it with your purse. 
Some yummy Toy Story themed treats for the In-Store Launch Event!
 We LOVE Harvey's!!!
I had such a wonderful time seeing the Harvey's team, all my friends, & meeting everyone who attended, it was a one of a kind event. I can't wait for everyone to be able to shop this out of this world collection & see how incredible the bags are. I hope you enjoyed this exclusive sneak peek! 
 Monday, March 18th at 8am PST the collection will be available ONLINE at ShopHarveys.com

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Disney California Adventure 2019 Food & Wine Festival

2019 Food & Wine Festival at Disney's California Adventure Park
I am so excited to share my first food blog post featuring some of the delicious food options offered at Disney's California Adventure 2019 Food & Wine Festival. To attend this exciting easy event you will need valid admission to Disney California Adventure Park, you can find the Sip & Savor Pass located at the entrance of the Festival or at any of the Festival Marketplaces. This pass is available to all the guests it is $54 including tax,  if you are an Annual Pass Holder you can use your exclusive AP discount on the Sip & Savor Pass. The Sip & Savor pass includes an adorable Limited Edition lanyard & a Creational Pass with 8 Coupons. Each coupon is valid for ONE select marketplace item excluding alcoholic beverages & souvenir items. Each coupon must be attached to your Sip & Savor Pass prior to redemption at participating festival marketplaces. You must be 21 & older to purchase alcoholic beverages & must present a Valid Photo ID!
These special offerings will be available from March 1st - April 23rd, 2019
For more Information about the Food & Wine Festival visit 
the Disney Parks Blog & Disneyland.com

There are 14 Festival Marketplace Offerings
Avocado Time | Berry Patch | California Craft Brews | Citrus Grove | Cluck-a-Doodle-Moo 
Garlic Kissed | Golden Dreams | I Heart Artichokes | LAstyle | Nuts About Cheese
Off the Cob | Peppers Cali-Ente | Uncork California | Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit

The first Festival Marketplace we visited was the Citrus Grove located near Cathy Circle Restaurant at the Festival Entrance. My mom is a baker & one of her favorite treats to bake is a Macaron so she couldn't wait to try their Meyer Lemon Blue Diamond Almond Macaron. There is a tasty jam in the middle maybe Raspberry, I am not 100% sure but it was delicious my daughter loved it to! Did I mention it is Gluten Free & Vegetarian?! We also tried the Ginger Beer *Non Alcoholic* zesty & sparkling is how I would describe it. It was refreshing & my mom enjoyed it but, for me an iced tea is my go to. 
The second Festival Marketplace we visited was the California Craft Brews located near the Cars Land Entrance. I heard really good reviews about their Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls from a view of my friends & it was the MUST  TRY item on my list. The pepperoni pizza egg rolls come with shredded parmesan garnished on top with marinara sauce & a side of pesto sauce. This was one of my favorite food offerings from the festival, if you love home made pizza pockets & egg rolls you are going to love this tasty option! It was definitely a hit with my little one she loved the pesto sauce to, before we left the park we  went back for another order it was that good. 
Moving onto my second favorite dish located at the Peppers Cali-Ente Festival Marketplace booth near Wine Country Trattoria. The Ghost Pepper Mac & Cheese with Chilli Cheese Corn Chip Dust this dish is SPICY & so DELICIOUS, my husband & I love spicy food so we couldn't wait to try it. The heat pops up real quick after one bite, & even more so after a few more bites so I would recommend pairing it with a cold water. I loved how creamy it was & the chills cheese corn chip dust was an added flavor & texture bonus. The Ghost Pepper Mac & Cheese is a Vegetarian option!
The fourth Festival Marketplace we visited was a popular booth because they had a fan favorite ingredient Avocado, you can find this booth near Wine Country Ttrattoria. 
The first item we tried at the Avocado Time marketplace was the Spiced Roasted Chicken on Pita with Avocado Hummus & Garlic Sauce. I enjoyed this item the Pita was crunchy, the chicken had a nice flavor, the avocado hummus with the garlic sauce was really good. It would be a great light lunch option & if you have a lemon to spare drizzle it on top it adds a nice zest to it. The second item we tried was their Petit Impossible Burger with Guacamole & Pepper Jack Cheese this is also a Vegetarian option, I wasn't to crazy about this burger but, my husband enjoyed it while I ate a Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar from the Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit Festival Marketplace booth. My husband drinks Kombucha every now & then so we added the Suja Organic Pineapple Passionfruit Kombucha *non alcoholic* to our MUST TRY list. To my surprise it was actually really good, I usually don't like Kombucha but, this one had a nice taste to it & wasn't as bitter. 
My husband loves artichokes he even puts them on his pizza, so the I <3 artichokes="" b=""> Festival Marketplace definitely made it to the list. He tried their Fried Artichokes with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Lemon Aioli this is also a Vegetarian option, he ate it so quick that it must have been pretty good. He said he the flavors were all there & that he could really taste the lemon in the aioli. 
Before we went to get this delicious pretzel I stopped by the Off The Cob marketplace located near the Golden Zephyr to get their refreshing Peach Tea with a Peach Garnish *Non Alcoholic*. I really liked this tea it wasn't to sweet & it wasn't bland it had the perfect amount of peach flavor, & the slice of peach was tasty. The peach tea made a nice addition to the Large Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce I got from the Paradise Garden Grill located near Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta. The large pretzel & beer cheese dipping sauce was really good, the pretzel was fresh & soft definitely one of the best pretzels I have had in the parks. This is a great vegetarian option & is perfect for a quick bite.
Of course I couldn't head home without trying the Yippiee! Mickey's Cotton Candy Soda with a Pineapple Cotton Candy Garnish from the Golden Dreams Marketplace located near the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Entrance. This beverage is Non-Alcoholic & is pretty good especially if you like Sprite. It reminds me of a Non-Alcoholic Shirley Temple, so if you like that you will enjoy this beverage. I loved the Pineapple Cotton Candy that was the perfect little amount of candy for me, to make this drink they use a Premium Blue Cotton Candy Syrup & add it into the Sprite which gives it that delicious cotton candy flavor & the pretty blue hue. 
Let me know if you tried any of the tasty food options at Disney's California Adventure 2019 Food & Wine Festival!
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