S T A R  W A R S  x  T O M S 
I am so excited about the brand new Limited Edition Original Trilogy Star Wars x Toms Collection! 
If you have been following me for sometime then you know how much my family & I love the Star Wars universe, so when this collection was announced I knew I had to get a pair. If I'm not wearing a vintage inspired look I am wearing a geeky tee with, some high waisted trousers, paired up with some comfy sneakers. This casual chic look was inspired by the Dark Side & my love for the color RED. 
 I am wearing the TRVL LITE style in this amazing Star Wars storyboard artwork print featuring the iconic Star Wars vehicles like the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing, & a lot of TIE Fighters! This is my third pair of Toms shoes, I have two slip on styles from the Disney Princess collection & my daughter has three pairs from the Tiny Toms Princess collection. Not shown here is my daughter's adorable Star Wars Ewok Tiny Toms, they are slightly to big but she can't wait to wear them. I really like the TRVL LITE style & I am already thinking about getting another style from the Star Wars Collection.
 - MissVintageLady 

Star Wars Sith Backpack : Loungefly

A Spooktacular 50th Celebration | Haunted Mansion

A Spooktacular 50th Celebration | Haunted Mansion
I am so excited to celebrate the Haunted Mansions 50th anniversary & in a ghoulish fashion of course! 
Harvey's teamed up with the Artist SHAG & Disney to bring you a bone chilling collection featuring some of our ghost friends from Disneyland's iconic Haunted Mansion attraction. It was a ghostly surprise when I found this package sitting at my door step, I was only given a few clues as to what the collection might look like. I was so excited when Harvey's asked me to style a look inspired by their Haunted Mansion collection. I wanted this look to be spooky & chic just like the tote bag, I kept the color palette similar to the bag, & thought a touch of spider webs would be fitting considering the Mansion is celebrating 50 spooktacular years. 

*This Collection will be available at the Ticketed After Dark Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Event on August 7th-8th at Disneyland. 
 I really love that they featured several characters from the attraction throughout the bag, the side with the Hatbox Ghost & Dancing Ghosts is definitely my favorite. I love that part of the ride, I am still in awe, I don't know how they appear & then disappear but it's truly magical. I love that the Coin Purse has a double sided Doom Buggy, keeping a similar theme to the tote bag - the coin purse is perfect to carry your AP & essentials. The Tote bag is double sided, comes with an adjustable cross body strap, & some adorable Haunted Mansion themed charms. 
*These items are SOLD separately.

- MissVintageLady

Haunted Mansion Tote & Coin Purse : Shop Harvey's

Minnie Mouseketeer

 Minnie Mouseketeer!
Who say's you can only wear Mickey Mouse ears at Disney Parks? 
I have had this gorgeous 1950s Inspired Tilly Dress from The Pretty Dress Co in my closet for about a month now, & I kept thinking to myself "wow that would be such a cute dress for a chic Minnie Mouse disneybound." Well, today I finally took this gorgeous dress out for a spin - no seriously I couldn't stop twirling. I can imagine how Minnie herself would style this dress with a cute tote bag, a stylish pair of pumps & lots of POLKA DOTS of course!

- MissVintageLady

Tilly Dress : The Pretty Dress Co
Minnie Mouse Tote Bag : ShopHarveys
Mickey Mouse Ears : Disneyland

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